Huda American Schools


Being a global leader in preparing multilingual generations with modern education and life skills without diluting their personality and authentic identity.


Providing a unique learning approach designed to inspire a compassionate, inquisitive and creative new generation able to compete in an ever-changing global world.

Why Huda?

Huda American Schools is accredited by the American International Association (AIAA), and currently in the process of receiving the AdvancED accredition.

Huda American Schools is recognized by the Ministry of Education of Turkey.

Huda American schools offers its learners top-quality education through McGraw Hill as the primary curriculum for all main subjects. Our Grade 12 learners graduate with a worldwide-recognized American Diploma, which allows access to top universities.

Huda American schools is a Level 2 College Board Approved SAT Center. This means our school is capable of receiving its student scores and administering AP, PSAT/NMSQT, SAT and ACT exams as an official examination center.

Along with the American Diploma, our learners receive top-scores in SAT examinations, which guarantees them access to top-universities worldwide.

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